We all love a good story. Since 2005, Xina PR has used innovative storytelling to craft stories that make audiences listen to our clients’ messages. Whether it is online, broadcast, radio, or social media, we find the news hook that makes media want to cover your story — and helps your connect with the communities that matter the most to you. Here’s how.

Media Relations

At Xina PR, we know that success isn’t only about hits, impressions or even placements in traditional media. It’s about finding your own unique voice. We can help your brand develop its most authentic and relevant story — one that will make you stand out in the crowd. X+PR clients have been featured on TODAY, CNN, MSNBC, USA TODAY, Washington Post, Forbes, Yahoo! Finance, Entrepreneur, Essence, BET, Black Enterprise as well as regional and local broadcast stations and outlets.

Digital PR

Whether digital or traditional PR, Xina PR is passionate about developing and delivering innovative strategies to secure coverage in mainstream and multicultural media of all types. With decades of experience, we have built personal relationships with editors, writers, journalists and digital influencers in leading and niche media markets nationwide. We also work with social media platforms and blogs to help increase engagement and visibility.


Xina PR combines reaching out to the right media contacts — niche, multicultural, mainstream — to connect your brand to the right influential individuals and organizations to serve your goals. We’re experts at creating the right hook for the right outlet at the right time for your brand to reach the right audiences.

We listen. We partner. We craft.

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